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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

Corporate strategies

The GRDC has developed five key corporate strategies to drive the corporation’s performance in managing its RD&E investments:

  • Create value—Deliver value by investing in programs that address the key industry priorities with the greatest potential returns.
  • Coordinate nationally—Ensure that programs are nationally coordinated and the Australian grains industry has access to the RD&E infrastructure and capability that it needs for the future.
  • Deliver regionally—Deliver the outputs of research in innovative products and services relevant to growers and their advisers in each region.
  • Connect globally—Proactively source new technologies and innovation from around the world for the Australian grains industry.
  • Engage with growers and industry—Actively listen to and engage with growers and the broader grains industry.

To effectively implement the corporate strategies, the GRDC will work on making its investment processes simpler, more responsive and more transparent to its stakeholders.

Fully implementing the five corporate strategies will ensure that the Australian grains industry is supported by an efficient and effective RD&E community, with excellent international linkages, that is focused on returning value to growers and the wider Australian community.

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