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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

Create value

The Australian grains industry is diverse, geographically dispersed and presented with many opportunities and challenges. RD&E in the grains industry is complex and often requires investment over extended periods before outcomes to industry are realised.

It is critical to the future of the grains industry that the national RD&E effort is focused on the priorities that are most likely to give the greatest return on investment to growers, through innovation and global competitiveness. Paying the GRDC levy needs to be the best investment that a grower makes in improving their business. It is, therefore, important that priority research targets are established with industry involvement. Emphasis on regular consultation ensures that local and regional needs are met.

The establishment of themes and investment strategies that cover the breadth of the GRDC’s portfolio and focus RD&E investments on the opportunities and constraints that will make the biggest difference and deliver the greatest returns is essential in creating value.

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