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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

Engage with growers and industry

The three regional advisory panels have long been recognised as a major strength of the GRDC. The panels, made up of growers, advisers and researchers, consult with industry and advise the GRDC on RD&E needs and priorities.

It is critical that the GRDC further strengthens the links between its regional panels, researchers and industry to increase the opportunity for growers to influence the RD&E agenda. Strengthening these links will ensure that the GRDC has two-way communication with stakeholders about its investments and activities, and will help the GRDC to target the delivery of its products and services.

The GRDC will work to ensure that the regional panels function effectively and complement the more localised activities of the Regional Cropping Solutions networks. This will provide opportunities for growers and advisers to have greater input into issue identification and to be actively involved in the delivery of R&D outcomes.

The GRDC regional panels and Regional Cropping Solutions networks are also well placed to bring researchers together directly with consultants, advisers and growers, to spark innovative ideas by discussing scientific opportunities in conjunction with the practicalities of growing grain profitably and sustainably.

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