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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17


Across Australia, more than 22,000 grain growers work the land to grow the best crop possible, to generate on-farm profit and to produce food for the nation and the world. Access to world-leading research, development and extension (RD&E) capability is a vital ingredient of their success.

To harness the skills, expertise and enthusiasm of the grains research community, the GRDC worked closely with its research partners, the state departments of agriculture, CSIRO, universities, grain growers and other grains industry participants to develop the comprehensive and coordinated Grains Industry National RD&E Strategy. The strategy was developed under the national RD&E framework endorsed by the Primary Industries Ministerial Council, and now guides and coordinates the efforts of research organisations in Australia.

In the context of that broader strategy, the GRDC developed this Strategic R&D Plan 2012–17. Publication of this plan also meets a statutory requirement of the Primary Industries and Energy Research and Development Act 1989 (PIERD Act), under which the GRDC operates.

In developing this plan, the GRDC undertook extensive consultation with grain growers, the wider grains industry, the research community and government agencies to hear concerns, identify issues and determine priorities. This plan outlines how the GRDC will invest the grower levy, along with the Australian Government’s contribution, in innovation for the greatest benefit of Australia’s grain growers.

Delivering the outputs of research to growers is a focal point of this plan. This is because we know that the investment we make in RD&E can only benefit growers, the wider grains industry and the general community if it helps growers to do something better on their farms—improve a farming practice, act to sustain natural resources, plant a better seed, produce a more valuable grain product.

In delivering outcomes to growers, it is important that the GRDC maintains a pipeline of relevant RD&E activities. The GRDC cannot achieve this alone; continuing cooperation with our RD&E partners is essential.

The GRDC’s corporate strategies are critical to successful implementation of this plan.

  • It is essential that the GRDC creates value by investing in the industry priorities that deliver the greatest potential returns. The levy paid to the GRDC has to be the best investment growers can make to improve their business. The GRDC will both create value and demonstrate how it is delivering value to growers and government.
  • The GRDC will coordinate nationally to reduce duplication and develop RD&E infrastructure and capability for the future. The investment strategies in this plan are built on the Grains Industry National RD&E Strategy, which in turn is driven by the concept of national research with regional development and local extension. Recognising that strong collaboration with research partners is fundamental to the delivery of RD&E, the GRDC will continue to strengthen relationships with research partners.
  • The GRDC will deliver regionally so that growers and advisers throughout Australia have access to the best available knowledge, products and services. Growers need easy access to products and services that offer solutions to production issues or show how they can improve performance on farm.
  • Australia is part of an international network and needs to connect globally to source new technology, ideas and capacity from around the world. The GRDC will develop new relationships with the private and public sectors to ensure that Australian grain growers have early access to production solutions and take advantage of opportunities to remain internationally competitive.
  • The GRDC will engage with growers and industry. The new GRDC Regional Cropping Solutions networks put people on the ground in grain-growing regions throughout Australia to listen to the local needs of growers and their advisers. These networks, together with the GRDC’s regional panels, staff and directors, confirm the GRDC’s commitment to participate in two-way communication and strengthen relationships with all stakeholders.

The Australian Government’s rural R&D and national research priorities are addressed by the GRDC investment themes described in this plan. The themes also take account of opportunities beyond the farm gate to further enhance industry performance.

This strategic plan is designed to achieve a balanced portfolio of short-, medium- and long-term objectives, and describes the strategies to achieve these objectives. It clearly outlines the GRDC’s approach to investing in RD&E, ensuring that its investments address the priorities of the grains industry and the Australian Government, and effectively delivering the outcomes that industry seeks. This plan also describes how performance indicators will be used to measure the success of the strategies and their impact on the grains industry and the wider community.

We are confident that this strategic plan equips the GRDC to identify, achieve and deliver the RD&E outcomes that the Australian grains industry will need to respond to the challenges and opportunities of its business environment over the years from 2012 to 2017.

Keith Perrett - Chair


John Harvey - Managing Director

Managing Director


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