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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

Theme 6—Building skills and capacity

This theme is focused on generating leadership, innovation and education in the grains sector.

To compete and succeed internationally, the Australian grains industry needs a highly skilled and motivated workforce, including growers, advisers, researchers and managers. The industry has identified several critical challenges:

  • the grains industry and farming are becoming increasingly complex, with many types and sources of information that growers need to make decisions
  • the number of appropriately skilled researchers and advisers being trained to replace the current generation is inadequate—this is compounded by a large number of experienced people reaching retirement age
  • agricultural careers are not traditionally attractive to potential candidates
  • the grains industry lacks a whole-of-industry approach to building skills and capacity
  • growers are time-poor and face succession-planning changes
  • the uptake of technology often requires substantial technical support.

Through the ‘Building skills and capacity’ theme, the GRDC has identified opportunities to focus its investment to address these challenges.

Figure 11 details the aspirational and intermediate outcomes for this theme, as well as the performance measures.

Figure 11

Planned outcomes for Theme 6—Building skills and capacity

Aspirational outcome (10+ years)

A dynamic Australian grains industry with the skills and capacity to continuously innovate.

Intermediate outcomes (5 years)

Planned outcomes for Theme 6—Building skills and capacity

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