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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

GRDC five-year R&D strategy

This strategic plan provides a template to ensure that the GRDC will invest in RD&E in a sustainable manner, balancing long-term and short-term objectives, high-risk and low-risk investments, and strategic and applied research needs, over the five years from July 2012 to June 2017.

This plan embraces the principles, strategies and implementation plan set out in the Grains Industry National RD&E Strategy, and integrates them with the priorities established in the national cross-sectoral RD&E strategies and the identified priorities of Australian grain growers and the Australian Government. The five-year strategy is informed by consultation with grain growers, the wider grains industry, representatives of government and research partners, and other relevant stakeholders.

Figure 3 illustrates how this five-year strategic plan relates to the broader planning framework for Australian grains industry RD&E.

Figure 3 Planning framework for grains industry RD&E

Schematic representation of the nine important factors in the broader planning framework for Australian grains industry research development and extension.

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