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Strategic Research & Development Plan 2012-17

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Who The GRDC
Why Strategic planning context
RD&E priorities
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Investment themes and outcomes
How Investment themes and outcomes
Corporate strategies

Key elements of the Strategic R&D Plan

Priorities Areas in which RD&E is most needed to benefit the grains industry and the wider community Industry priorities: The RD&E priorities of grain growers and the wider grains industry, as identified in consultations during the development of the plan.

Australian Government priorities: The RD&E priorities of the Australian Government, as identified in the National Research Priorities and Rural R&D Priorities.

Other national priorities: Priorities endorsed in the Grains Industry National RD&E Strategy; cross-sectoral RD&E priorities expressed via the National Primary Industries RD&E Framework; and the National Innovation Priorities.
Themes Themes for GRDC RD&E investment to meet the priorities Theme 1—Meeting market requirements

Theme 2—Improving crop yield

Theme 3—Protecting your crop

Theme 4—Advancing profitable farming systems

Theme 5—Improving your farm resource base

Theme 6—Building skills and capacity
Outcomes The goals of the investment themes Intermediate outcomes: The goals established for each investment theme for the life of this strategic plan.

Aspirational outcomes: The goals established for each investment theme for the longer term.

GRDC Outcome: ‘Australian grain growers utilising new information and products that enhance the productivity, profitability and sustainability of growers and benefit the grains industry and wider community’.
Corporate strategies How the GRDC will implement the themes Create value, Coordinate nationally, Deliver regionally, Connect globally, Engage with growers and industry.
Performance indicators Measures of progress in achieving the outcomes Practice changes: What needs to happen, on or off farm, to achieve the outcomes of each investment theme.

Key metrics: Quantitative measures of practice changes.
Vision The overarching goal of the GRDC ‘A profitable and sustainable Australian grains industry, valued by the wider community’.
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